Naval Academy Application Essay

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It is my desire to attend the United States Naval Academy. My goal is to follow in my father 's footsteps as an officer in the naval branch of our armed forces. My father began his career as an enlisted seaman twenty years ago and is now serving as a Lieutenant. Being the son of a Lieutenant in the United States Navy, I have always had an interest in the military and a desire to also serve and follow his footsteps. It was not until high school when I decided that I wanted to attend the Naval Academy. Initially, I had a few friends attend the academy and they have all told me that it was challenging, but it was a great experience. However, it was my father who first introduced me the Naval Academy and guided me onto the right path for which …show more content…

Playing the piano, I have developed the skill of performing under pressure without having many problems. It is also a way for me to express myself and release any of the stress I have felt due to the rigorous school courses. While music has taught me very important skills, I feel that swimming is the activity that has helped me practice my communication skills and the idea of teamwork. I understand how important it is to be a team player even though I did not have any major team positions. Being a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol program, I learned more about the idea of teamwork and leadership through practicing and demonstrating my skills as a leader. While I was thoroughly committed to the extracurricular activities, I have decided that my academic career was the best way to focus my abilities in order to reach my goal. Doing well in all of my IB classes has been my number one priority. With education being my number one priority, I strive to maintain a high grade point average. At the beginning of the junior year, I struggled with finding a manageable balance between all my activities.My GPA dropped due to my struggles in the beginning of the year. However, towards the end of the year, I managed to find the balance point and finish the year

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