National French Honor Society Personal Statement

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To make a significant change in the world, countless hours of preparation, of work, and proactive cooperation with others are crucial for success. I partake in few extra-curricular activities, but I have dedicated years of my life to them all. On a regular week, I have to balance French club and National French Honor Society secretary duties, community service for National Honor Society, and additional choir practice for at least two hours after school each week (while sometimes performing community service with the choir as well). I want to become an engineer; so I take AP classes that are useful and interest me because I will need to know advanced math and science concepts in college. All of these extra-curricular activities and academics will become even more relevant when it is time for me to advance my future goals of pursuing a higher education and making significant efforts to aid the world by designing helpful technology with medical applications.
Through extra-curricular activities, I have obtained the necessary social skills for interactions in a regular workplace. Choir taught me to cooperate with large groups of people who share a purpose; National French Honor Society allowed me to emerge as a leader and gain experience managing a room full of excitable people and organizing meetings; and National Honor Society …show more content…

As with any type of group work, disagreements are likely to surface; but that’s why I have experience managing large groups of people and dealing with problems and complicated ideas. If needed be, I will step up and make myself useful, whether it is in a classroom setting, a lab, or the workplace. I am also determined to work side-by-side with people who have the same fascination with academics and who want to see the same change in the world as I do; but first, I have to start by graduating from

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