Letter Of Intent For Social Work Research Paper

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Letter of Intent What is your understanding of the social work profession? My understanding of the social work profession is that it’s a career path that concerns itself with the welfare of people from all backgrounds. Individuals in this career field have the wherewithal to handle with the continuously changing demographic in which they serve. They also assume responsibility for the development, implementation, and management of social services that they provide. The social work profession employs the world with skilled workers that use the tools and resources available to them to advance the lives of others. Individuals in this career field are capable of ethical decision making and are advocates for positive social change for the oppressed …show more content…

I hope to provide support and medical social services to the elderly population. I realize that senior citizens sometimes struggle with unique age-related health issues and debilitating diseases that make it hard to pursue fully functioning lives. As a social worker I’d help elderly individuals and their families examine their needs, and determine how to make those things happen. The elderly sometimes also endure loss of family support, lack of mobility, depression, abuse and loneliness. I hope to address the daily battles facing our elderly by helping them maintain their independence and dignity. I have a passion for our ageing community and I feel compelled to support them in their endeavor to live enriched lives. I understand that medical social workers coordinate care for individuals who need a number of medical and personal services at different levels. They also assist them in applying for much needed services and dealing with problems as they arise. The job of a medical social worker is important to the improvement of the quality of life for families and patients who are hurdling the difficulties of everyday life. As a medical social worker I hope to use my knowledge and knack for caring to aid the coping process for those families and ease the transition for patients. I believe achieving my MSW will place me on a career …show more content…

I joined the USAF in 2011 to serve my country and to help support myself financially. My job isn’t closely related to the social work career path, but I do however work as a support function that helps protect and serve the general population. And like the social work profession, we also have core values, which as service before self, excellence and integrity. Upon entry into the service I was vectored into the Financial Management specialty where I began my now six year enlistment. Despite my desire to garner my Masters of Social Work I had to make a financial decision that led me down another path. Although my military career has been rewarding, I still want to pursue my first deferred dream of being a social worker. I believe everything I learned from discipline, human relations and leadership will only be beneficial to the social work profession. I am bound by the three Air Force core values of integrity, service before self and excellence in everything I

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