Military Officer Research Paper

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The transition from enlisted into the ranks of officer is not a situation that anyone should take lightly. With greater rank comes greater responsibility, I emphatically understand the prestige and responsibility that comes with this transition. In this essay, I will answer three questions. Why do I want to be a military officer? What does society expect from me as a military officer? What are three of my soon to be responsibilities as an officer? This seemingly simple questions are not to be taken lightly continue to strive to fulfill both my specified, directed, and implied responsibilities as a military officer. The first question; Why do I want to be a military officer? Is one of the most defining moments of my career. I am proud of my enlisted service in the military but have been mentored and senior enlisted and officers alike throughout my 13 years of service. I have continued to strive to gain opportunities of both greater responsibility and authority. With this mentality, I have gained both the respect and confidence of those I work with. Although, I have made many decisions with the authority bestowed on by my command. I know that in order to truly challenge myself and effect the Army at …show more content…

Although limited my responsibilities to only three has greatly reduced what I write it has also forced me to choose what are the most important to me personally. To lead the men and woman within the armed forces is at the core of my responsibilities as an officer. Secondly, I will be required to make command decisions, lawful orders, that although may not be well received are truly motivated by the needs of the Soldiers. Allowing them not only to defend themselves but also the equipment and personnel placed in their ward. Last but not least I will be accountable, my actions and decisions will be held to unimaginable scrutiny I must understand that my responsibilities aren’t easily

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