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In the midst of developing our nation 's future Soldiers I have found my true passion with in the army. Being a Drill Sergeant I 'm am constantly asked questions about anything and everything, but those I most enjoy are related to staying healthy and overcoming an injury. Though now I can only refer them to the athletic trainers I follow their progress with a studious eye. When Soldiers return from the Physical Therapist I am even more interested. The ability to work with these Soldiers from injury and get them back into the training inspired me to return to school and work on an exorcise science degree, but this is only where my journey to become an Army Officer began. Once I had decided to return to school I began discussing my classes and major with a few Officers. I was overwhelmed by both …show more content…

In this research and discussions with Officers I realized how narrow my views had been, and I learned how vital and closely connected all the branches are. It was in this moment of clarity, I understood, I can commit myself completely to any branch of the Army as an Officer and truly love my job. I still have my preference and know the Physical Therapist program would be my first choice, but I would strive to be the best Officer for my Soldiers in any position which I am assigned. In short, I want to be an Army Officer because of the amazing impact they have on Soldiers lives. No matter the branch, the level of professionalism and formal education placed upon Army Officers makes them the best men and women in the world. The continuing mentorship consistently given by Senior Officers to their subordinates develops and challenges Officers to show constant growth. The relationships between peers fosters competitiveness and support to ever improve our Nation 's Army. This is the life I wish to live and the challenge I wish to

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