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You can say that my journey with the Military started the day I was born. I was born on April 29, 1998 at the 7th Medical Group on Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas. With the love and care I received from the neonatal nurses that were stationed on Dyess Air Force Base I quickly lost the title of ‘premie’. In 1999 my mother and father were both assigned to Landstuhl Army Base in Germany, I appreciated the military letting them be together. I am so blessed having my mother as a Medical Technician, I knew I was always in great hands when I was sick. I think I might even call my mom when my kids are under the weather. My parents enrolled me in the care of ABC Montessori that teaches that children learn through play and exploring their environment. …show more content…

My dad shared with my family that we are going to be stationed in Ramstein, Germany. Everyone was excited but, I was nervous to leave my warm summers and the lovely singing birds of North Carolina. I told all my friends goodbye and promised to write letters and send pictures. Germany was almost unreal, such a beautiful and breath-taking place. I can only describe it as a breath of fresh air, literally. The summers were warm and spent at the schwimmbad and the birds sang almost as beautiful as the ones back home. Slowly overtime Germany became home, it became a place so close and dear to my heart that I dream about going back. My middle school years were spent at a school that showed me that even as a child I had a voice. I will never forget how well Dodea Schools treated their students, they shaped us to become great people with voices that will be heard. They provide healthy lunches, outdoor activities, field trips, health classes, and choices. The amount of encouragement and fun I had at Ramstein helped me become the outspoken, caring, understanding, intelligent, and most of all unique person I am today. If it were not for the military, I would have never been blessed with such an amazing

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