Military Veterans Research Paper

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How many people have been over seas to protect our country and saw the devastation that war can hold in person? Many people think about this question and wonder. A good majority of people have regular good paying jobs. Still many people dislike the fact of working for a business or office setting. Some people have been through the dark side and back. Military veterans have done more then the regular person and have seen the blood and gore of war, have seen death, received diseases like PTSD, have more experience in the real world, and have suffered in many ways to defend our country, All veterans who are over seas defending our country should be paid more then they already do. Since veterans who have served for our country over seas have …show more content…

PTSD means Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is a deadly disease emotional and physically. For example, it causes veterans to see flash backs of what they have saw over seas, they can physically hurt themselves and are unable to control the disease. PTSD is known to destroy family 's and break them apart even though the veterans can 't control it. "When trauma reactions are severe and go on for some time without treatment, they can cause major problems in a family"(Carlson).This shows how most family 's get divorced after a veteran has come back from war because of how severe the disease is. No veteran wants to admit that they have a disease, because they want to be seen as a tough individual. For example, many family 's force their loved ones to get treatment at the VA to help make their family better. PTSD makes the memory and senses more active and sensitive, this can be very disturbing to anyone. For example, a veteran who has PTSD has many blank stares throughout the day and can cause very bad dreams about what they saw over seas. All veterans who come home from war have received a diagnosis of

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