Marine Corps Core Values Essay

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The Marine Corps Core Values are Honor, Courage, and Commitment these are the cells that make the marrow that's in the bones of the Marine Corps. They’re more than just a guideline on how to conduct yourself as a marine on and off duty, their a way of life. From day one of recruit training until our twentieth year in service we are expected to live by and constantly exercise these three values. With Honor you are meant to be loyal to the corps and all of its beliefs. With Courage you are expected to live up and beyond your potential to grow learn and test your limits. With Commitment your are expected to uphold Honor and Courage to the expectations of the Marine Corps, and to exhibit and share what we stand for against all odds. When you are honorable it's easy to …show more content…

One of them said that he was running at them fairing his weapon, another said they saw him planting an IED and when he saw them he started firing. After further investigation the truth 4 came out and they were all discharged from the marine corps. At the time I bet it seemed like a great idea due to the group's mindset. The whole endeavor could have been avoided if even one of them had the courage to say that this was wrong and they shouldn't cut corners. Courage is the capability to stand up to whatever is in your path and do the right thing without batting an eye to the fear of public opinion. Shure being courageous isn't going to be fighting bears, climbing mountains and being a hero. Courage can be the little things to like having the balls to admit your wrong, or swallowing your pride to apologize to someone when you know you're wrong. Like honor their are a multitude of different scenarios in which one can be courageous. It mainly depends on where your roots lie, maybe in your mind it takes a lot of courage to hold a chicken due to an acute fear of avian creatures. Telling all your twenty

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