Summary Of The Warriors Ethos

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The Warriors Ethos is a book written by Steven Pressfield, which was published in 2011. The book highlights a very rich history of warriors and their supporters alike. My goal with this paper is to draw some parallels between the examples in the book and what I took away as applicable to our lives as infantrymen In the United States Marine Corps. Chapter one is named “ Tough Mothers “. The chapter that stuck out to me most for giving perspective that I lacked prior to reading this book. My favorite quote from chapter being the first, “Mother, I bring sad news: your son was killed facing the enemy.” The mother said, “He is my son.” “Your other son is alive and unhurt,” said the messenger. “He fled from the enemy.” The mother said, “He is not my son.”( chapter-1 pg-1 ). Aside from the very obvious strong female angle, the quote spoke to me on a personal level. The mother denouncing her commitment to her son for his act of Cowardice is a strong lesson. There is nothing strong enough to protect us from the wave of dishonor associated with turning your back on your brothers. Honor being the strongest core value in my opinion, it is important that we strive to uphold it and its implications in our character. This is not just to impress or to gain the love and respect from those around us, but it guides us to do the things we must to protect those people. “The Warrior Ethos evolved to counter the instinct of self-preservation.” chapter-5 pg-12 Self preservation, the

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