Stephen E. Ambrose's Brotherhood In The Battlefield

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Tenisha Pressley, Period 6
Brotherhood in the Battlefield What is more important in the line of duty than the bond between fellow soldiers? Brotherhood is one of the most necessary qualities amongst those who spend months, maybe even years, fighting for the safety of their country. Soldiers should feel safe going to combat knowing that their brothers are watching their back. Stephen E. Ambrose tells the tale of the hardships that the men of the Easy Company face starting from their basic training in Georgia, through the historic event of the invasion of Normandy, more commonly known as D-Day, and the days following. Band of Brothers can be classified as a Western as well as a historic fiction since it contains authentic historic events and people. Ambrose’s message can clearly be seen throughout the novel Much can be learned about the privations one may face when in the military. The months of training and preparing for war can take a toll on one’s body and mental health. It takes a strongminded person to be able to deal with the harsh realities of the battlefield, as well as having someone there who is willing to walk through it too. Many troops fail to make it through training in Georgia; some who serve in Normandy …show more content…

Throughout Ambrose’s Western tale, one can see the admiration and respect that he may have for the military. Through his words, it can be inferred that he holds not only the sense of togetherness in high regard, but also everything that the Military entails. The author shows his audience what life is like for a soldier rather than telling them. Thousands of lives have been changed and even lost throughout the story, which goes to show the reality of what one may face every day while in combat; your best friend could be fighting beside you one day, and then gone the

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