Literary Devices In The Charge Of The Light Brigade

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In times of war, soldiers must surpass obstacles and be ready to face challenges. Witnessing the valiant efforts of these men that throw their lives on the line instills an insurmountable sense of pride in the hearts of spectators. Both Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem and Richard Caton Woodville Jr.’s illustration entitled “The Charge of the Light Brigade” incorporate literary terms to express their feeling of pride towards the Light Brigade. Tennyson exhibits this by using repetition to signify the danger of fighting in battle, in addition to imagery to help the reader imagine how terrifying war is, while setting a respectful tone. Woodville shows a feeling of pride through the setting, symbolism, and powerful imagery. Tennyson uses repetition, imagery, and tone to convey his feeling of pride of the Light Brigade. One literary device he uses is repetition. While on the battlefield, the Light Brigade faces a “cannon to the right of them, [a] cannon to the left of them, [and a] cannon in front of them.” Through this image of bombardment Tennyson reveals the men are surrounded by multiple powerful weapons and that there is little chance of them surviving. Yet the men are still relentless and brave while fighting despite being aware of the dangers surrounding them. Tennyson is proud and appreciates the Light Brigade’s persistence while fighting. He is also proud that they proved themselves as real men and did not run away from their problems. Additionally, the poet utilizes

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