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We are all warriors, whether you wear a uniform or not we all choose our own daily paths in this game called life. The question is where do we find our armor for these battles of life we go through; Where do we find our motivation; Our espirit de corps; Our strengths or honor, courage and commitment? It is up to us to define our own honor, who we are and who we would like to be. I believe that we build and sharpen our battle skills through our warrior ethos or character traits. Warrior Ethos is written by Steven Pressfield. In this book he uses good demonstrations of how people from the past have used a warriors ethos or character traits that when applied to our daily lives have a powerful impact on Marines as well as civilians all over the…show more content…
If that's not motivating then we have a lot more work ahead of us than I thought. The Spartans had so much pride that if you didn't live up to the Spartan standard seven your own mother would disown you. This shows what great a respect it was to be a Spartan soldier. Spartan mothers would tell their son's heading into battle, "Comeback with this sword or come home on it." These are warrior ethos from the Spartan days in 480 bc. The fact that the Spartan people would rather die than come home and show dishonor to their people shows the strong dedication and respect they have to their beliefs. I find honor in the dedication they portrayed. When faced with one of toughest battles, Battle of Thermopylae, Leonidas was faced with a difficult decision. Four thousand vs three hundred which made everyone believe that the battle was going to be a blowout. Being faced with this battle Leonidas asked himself how will Sparta survive? In conclusion, he decided that the backbone of Sparta actually fell on the Spartan women. In these deciding moments I'm sure he thought about who his best warriors were or who he wanted to spend his dying moments…show more content…
These women were faced with adapting and overcoming their losses and moving on. If the women gave up, then Greece herself as they knew it, would also fall to despair and destruction. I am a firm believer that everyone has a part in the success of every story, whether big or small an impact will be made. We sometimes get caught up on the idea that we are in the Marines, so we have nothing to worry about when in all reality we all have to do our part and that's what makes America so great. Warrior Ethos also uses Alexander the Great as a dynamic leader who exemplifies warrior ethos. Alexander showed examples of turning fear into honor, using scars from past battles to show relation to the people that he felt the people's pain in the battles they fought together. These scars represented blood, sweat, selflessness, courage, love, loyalty, patience, self control, and discipline. This demonstration of ethos is how he turned something negative and used it to unit and relate to his men. He turned these scars into motivation and a common bond between them. These are the ethos I want to strive to have, to know that

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