Spartans Military Values

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Webb’s “Depth of Knowledge” Levels
Homework #18:

DOK Level 1 – Question: Who were the Spartans?
The Spartans were basically the soldiers of the Ancient Greek city-state, Sparta. The Spartans devoted all their time to the military, partaking in military training, hunting and war battles. They lived a frugal lifestyle and without any luxuries. They were taught to be brave and courageous at a very young age, soon evolving into soldiers for the military.
DOK Level 2 – Question: Summarize how Spartans laid the groundwork for military principles used in the modern world.
One of the ways the Spartans laid the groundwork for military values used in the modern world is when the 300 Spartans stood up against the Persians at the Battle of Thermopylae, which symbolized selflessness, which is used in the military today to show bravery, honor and responsibility. The second way that Spartans …show more content…

For starters, the Spartans lived a frugal, non-luxurious lifestyle, devoting most of their time to the military, while the Athenians lived a more simple, peaceful lifestyle. The second difference between Spartans and Athenians are that Athenians focused on transforming the citizens into educated individuals while the Spartans focused on transforming the citizens into strong, courageous individuals. The third difference is that men only had to serve in the military for 2 years in Athens while men in Sparta basically served in the military for thirty years of their life, training as soldiers before they were even a teenager. The fourth and final difference is all about the rights women had at Sparta and Athens. At Sparta, women were a bit more independent. The Spartan women were able to own plots of land and run their own households, they even got an education. At Athens, got a little amount of formal education and had less

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