Compare And Contrast Military And Roman Military

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Military is a big part of how countries protect themselves in the world. Many countries have militaries. Some military strategies, weapons, and tactics came from ancient history. The military in Ancient Rome and in Ancient Greece played an important factor in keeping both civilizations safe. Both civilizations had specific military strategies, weapons, and tactics that they used to protect themselves from enemies. While both militaries had some similarities, there were also some differences. The Ancient Greeks had a big military to protect them from outside enemies. They used a variety of weapons to protect themselves. The Greek Warriors had long spears called doru. They had a shield that they carried in their left hand. They held their shields up so they couldn’t get hit with incoming arrows. They also used specific military tactics to organize their military. They had to wear helmets so they didn’t get hurt. They also wore arm pads and a plate to cover their back. While they had weapons and strategies, their soldiers were the most important asset to their military because they protected the land and the empire. Ancient Roman military was the most successful and powerful military in history. Ancient Roman soldiers also used a variety of weapons, including a …show more content…

The weapons that Greece used were spears and a shield. Rome used swords and shields. The Roman soldiers became the supreme predator of their day, unmatched in battle and relentless in conquest. The heavily outnumbered Greek warriors were called hoplites. They used superior tactics, training and arms to defeat two massive invasions. However, the Greeks returned to their incessant warfare once their common enemy was defeated. Greek soldiers were the leading warriors of their time, often defeating enemies even when they were outnumbered . Rome had a heavy army but they lost a lot of soldiers in

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