How Did The Roman Empire Change European Warfare

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The Roman empire was one of the most powerful to ever exist and influenced all of Europe with their designs and battle strategies, even today Their impact is evident. The Romans changed European first century warfare forever with their superior army and tactics. The Romans were powerful due to the sheer number of soldiers they possessed, the equipment given to each soldier, and the training each member received to prepare for battle. Of course the Romans had innovations of their own but it was not above them to borrow techniques and styles from other cultures, like the Greeks for instance. The Romans also took equipment types from other European cultures as well, like plate armor. The Roman empire used many types of armor throughout the course of their existence. Modifying and changing each iteration to adapt to the rest …show more content…

The Romans adopted the armor soon after it gained popularity in Europe. Although the Romans used Bronze, leather, and iron, later civilizations used higher strength materials, like Kevlar. A very strong, but rigid, material Kevlar is used today in bulletproof vests and protective gear for armed services. Utilizing the same concept that ancient Romans and Europeans developed, we split the kevlar into plates and cover the body with flexible pieces in between to allow for mobility. Plate armor has remained popular even today due to its cost effectiveness and relative protection. Even though Romans have been framed into the role of war machines and yes, the impact they had on modern armor was massive, they also made other contributions to modern society like running water for instance. Romans were some of the most advances architects to ever exist in Europe and created massive and lengthy canals to deliver thousands of pounds of water to their cities

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