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1600 years ago the mediterranean people were doing the same thing that us modern day people are doing now, conquering, claiming, and fighting, but why were they doing this, and who were they doing it too? The Roman empire was one of the strongest empires in history, the “superpower of the Mediterranean world”. In 750 BCE Rome was founded and over time Rome’s wealth, territory, and popularity grew and grew as time went on. They conquered the land of Scotland and Spain, began to control the whole Mediterranean sea, established some colonies around North Africa, the middle east, Asia Minor, and Egypt. They were beginning to expand their empire into almost the entire continents of Asia, Europe, and Africa. Their Army was so strong and so feared …show more content…

Document B, first box states,”Foot soldiers wore breastplates and helmets. But when, because of negligence and laziness, parade ground drills were abandoned, the customary armor began to seem heavy since the soldiers rarely ever wore it. Therefore, they asked the Emperor to set aside the breastplates and then the helmets. So our soldiers fought the goths without any protection for chest and head and were often beaten by archers” Relating to the baby thesis, soldiers made defeating them an easy task that basically anybody could do. The higher up armies that were not slacking off, were very precise in battle and how they would continue things after they invade. But the Romans did not have any planning and that is why the empire grew weaker and weaker. The soldiers did not know how to fight anymore and were badly injured because of the decision to not wear armor. The Roman military was no match to some other armies but most importantly the Huns, a group that exceeded the rate of which they conquered everything in their path. They are very tough and will not back down without a challenge. Document D describes the Huns, ”Fired with an overwhelming desire for seizing the properties of others, the Swift moving and ungovernable people make their destructive way amid the pillage and slaughter of those who live around them” The fall of Rome is Attributed to invasions and Military break down because of this very purpose, there was finally a group that could overtake and overpower the army. They defeated the Roman Empire and became Victor's of everything surrounding them. The military was falling apart, therefore, groups were taking over and making rome bow down to

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