Star Wars: Similarities Between Rome And Rome

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Rome and Carthage were two great powers of ancient times. Rome mostly covered Italian territories and allied cities that she had conquered while Carthage was in the northern coast of Africa. Both cities had ambitions to go on and conquer other cities in order to become the World superpower leading to conflicts between them. Despite there being some similarities in the structure of government between the two governments in many ways they were different.

While Rome had consuls, and a senate, Carthage had magistrates and a council of elders. The differences lay in the exercise of power where Carthage was ruled by a few wealthy and prominent families while Rome was able to incorporate its subjects into the state. Morey (1901). Carthage placed its army in the hands of a permanent able leader as opposed to Rome where the magistrates made decisions. With regard to resources Carthage was wealthier and had more commercial resources but when it came to organization Rome was superior. Rome compared to Carthage also differed in regard to the political systems with Rome being more organized and having a stronger character of her people. …show more content…

They differed mostly in the spirit of the people, wealth and organization of the

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