Similarities Between Rome And America

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The Roman Empire was a success thousands of years ago, today the United States has adopted many ideas and aspects of their government. The founding fathers of the United States almost replicated the Roman Republic as an experiment to see if their system would work yet again. America’s standard set of laws reflects those of Rome's, the civil duties of citizens are very similar, and the idea of rotation of power is aligned. Luckily, their experiment of a government worked and USA is flourishing still today.
There are so many similarities in the basic laws of the governments of Rome and America. The Romans set up Twelve Tablets with the basic laws on them for all to see, centuries later America adapted this concept and created the Bill of Rights which served a similar purpose. In the Roman Twelve Tablets it states that a person must be considered innocent until he or she are proven guilty. The Bill of Rights has the same exact concept which is brought down in the fifth amendment, the right to process. Another similarity found between the Bill of Rights and the Twelve Tablets is the idea that people have rights that no government can take away. The US adaption of this is stated in the ninth amendment stating that the it is forbidden for the government to limit freedoms and rights given in the …show more content…

Being that they are both proud nations, they expect their citizens to give back. In Rome, citizens were required to vote, sit on jury and serve in the army. America has a similar expectation from their citizens, but to a lesser degree. Citizens of the United States are not forced to vote, but they do have the liberty to vote for whom they please. American citizens aren’t forced to be apart of the army unless the country is in times of need, in that case there is a draft. Identical to the Roman Republic, American citizens are required to fulfil their civil duty and attend jury duty when called to do

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