Compare And Contrast The Articles Of Confederation

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The Articles of Confederation were written, ratified, and put into power in the years 1781-1789. The Articles of Confederation served as a written plan of government for the newly united 13 colonies. This gave the states a strong government power with a weak central government. This is because most colonists still had the idea that a strong central power for government would turn into a tyranny just like Great Britain. However, the Articles of Confederation failed due to many problems in the early colonies. Indeed, the first written form of government was a great idea for the colonies, but due to the weak central government, the states were granted almost every power; as if every state was their own country. Defense, general welfare, …show more content…

The first amendment states that all people have the freedom to believe in their own religion, have the right to assemble, petition, press, and speech. The second amendment explains that everyone has a right to bear arms. This means that any citizen has the right to own a weapon. The third amendment states that during times of peace, soldiers will not live with civilians. The fourth amendment protects you against any unreasonable searches of your home, personal items, etc. The fifth amendment declares everyone is entitled to a fair trial and cannot be put on trial for the same crime twice. The sixth amendment states that everyone is entitled to a fair and speedy trial. The seventh amendment discloses the right for everyone to have a jury trial. The eighth amendment prohibits excessive bail, and cruel, unusual, or torturous punishments for crimes. The ninth amendment are the enumerated rights. The tenth amendment states all the federal powers and rights that are not stated in the Constitution are reserved for the States. The eleventh amendment adds that any U.S citizen can sue a state. Lastly, the twelfth amendment explains process of electing a President and

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