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  • Battle Of San Jacinto Battle Analysis

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    conflicts little known in history is the Battle of San Jacinto and is considered the most critical dispute of the Texas Revolution (Williams, 2014). On April 21, 1836, General Sam Houston launched a surprise attack against the Mexican army. The event took place near present day Houston, Texas and only lasted a total of eighteen minutes. The Mexican army was led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. The Texans thoroughly routed the superior Mexican force at the Battle of San Jacinto and captured hundreds

  • Battle Of Midway Battle Analysis

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    There were numerous battles during World War II, but none would prove as decisive as the Battle of Midway. A battle staged 1300 miles North East of Hawaii near Midway Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese and United States would face off with a majority of their pacific fleets to determine dominance in the Pacific Ocean. Key intelligence breakthroughs coupled with an element of surprise would afford the United States a decisive victory against Japan. This battle analysis will cover the atmospherics

  • Battle Of Shiloh

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    On April 6, 1862 the Battle of Shiloh began and lasted for approximately a day and half; this battle was fought between General Albert Sidney Johnston and General Ulysses S. Grant and led to the South’s demise in the war. The battle site was named Shiloh due to the small church that stands in the middle of the battlefield. In this particular battle of the civil war, General Albert Sidney Johnston died. He was the highest ranking General of the civil war; on either side. General Ulysses S. Grant,

  • Battle Of The Little Bighorn Battle Analysis

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    The Battle of the Little Bighorn, also known as Custer’s Last Stand, is one of the most significant battles in American history. Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer, commander of the 7th Cavalry Regiment, performed a series of devastating tactical mistakes based off inaccurate assumptions and assessments on the size and fighting capability of the Northern Plains Indians, led by their fearless leader Crazy Horse. The Northern Plains Indians who would capitalize on these mistakes with overwhelming

  • Battle Of Gettysburg Essay

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    Casertano Social Studies April 28th, 2023 The Battle of Gettysburg The Battle of Gettysburg was a major battle in the Civil War, lasting from July 1st-July 3rd in 1863. This armed conflict involved the Confederates led by General Lee, and the Union Army, led by General Mead. This battle was one of the most bloody and major wars in history. It played an important role in the Civil War, and was considered the deciding factor in the Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg was fought around the town of

  • Battle Of Antietam Essay

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    Antietam Battlefield Report The Battle of Antietam took place on September 17th, 1862 and lasted for only 12 hours. However, it was not only the bloodiest day of the American Civil War, but the bloodiest single day in all of American history ( The most important Union officer that fought in the battle was Major General George B. McClellan. The Battle of Antietam was the only battle that Mr. McClellan fought from start to finish ( Ezra Carman, a Union colonel

  • Battle Of Britain Analysis

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    The Battle of Britain was one of the most influential factors in determining the outcome of World War II and was highlighted by a monument to show its significance to the battle. The monument showcases the area in which the battle took place by using a real-life model, featuring the countries of the then German-occupied France, and the endangered Great Britain. Across the anterior of France are the words “Battle of Britain”, connecting the theme of the monument to the landforms that the monument

  • The Struggle In The Battle Of Chancellorsville

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    The Battle of Chancellorsville took place April 30th-May 6th 1863. Joseph Hooker led the Union in this battle and Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were Commanders of the Confederate States of America (Civil War Trust). Lee and Jackson conceived one of the boldest plans of the war, and it was because of this plan that the Confederate States of America won the Battle of Chancellorsville (Civil War Trust). Many lives were lost in the battle, however there was one loss that was the most profound

  • Battle Of Midway Essay

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    How did the United States victory in the battle of midway change the tide of the war in the pacific theatre?. The Battle of Midway was a naval battle between the imperial Japanese navy and the US navy. The battle was fought in the pacific theatre of WW2 and it specifically was a battle over midway island which was a small island that the US controlled that had a large air base with a couple of ports. The Japanese wanted the midway island so that they could more easily take over the Hawaiian islands

  • Battle Of Antietam Essay

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    In this essay, I will be concentrating more on the facts of the Battle of Antietam then the tactical movements, or all the decisions made during this battle. I will however cover some key points that do point to poor leadership and execution of plans. Most of this essay will cover facts of Special Order 191, errors in judgment by General George B. McClellan, the sunken road, the importance of victory needed for General Robert E. Lee, and lastly the overall analysis of the outcome. At dawn on the

  • Battle Of Chancellorsville Essay

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    Battle of Chancellorsville During the U.S Civil War there were many unexpected victories. This was the case in the intense and dramatic battle between the Union and the Confederates, in the Battle of Chancellorsville. With only 60,000 soldiers, the Confederates still managed to defeat an army almost twice their size. The battle took place in northern Virginia from April 30, to May 6, 1863, named after a settlement on the battlefield. Confederate forces were led by General Robert E. Lee, and Union

  • Battle Of Chancellorsville Essay

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    Th e Battle of Chancellorsville is major battle American Civil War, The battle was how General Robert E. Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, was able to defeat a bigger Union Army lead by General Joseph Hooker. The victory General Lee obtained is determine as perfect battle based on various decision taken that didn’t follow military concept. The Battle of Chancellorsville was fought between April 30 to May 6, 1863. (Battle Chancellorsville) On April 29, 1863, Major General James Ewell

  • Battle Of Cambrai Essay

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    The Battle of Cambrai was a British offensive and German counter-offensive battle in World War I. The battle began on November 20, 1917 and ended on December 7, 1917. Cambrai was a major supply point for the Germans. If the British were to capture the town near Bourlon Ridge it would threaten the rear of the German line to the north. The battle was described as the first battle with the use of large numbers of tanks in combat. The battle began at dawn, approximately 06:00 on 20 November, with a predicted

  • Battle Of Gettysburg: Summary

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    southeast area of Little Round Top. The regiment begins building a stone wall. Chamberlain convinces three prisoners to join them in their fight. The Confederates attacks and Chamberlain wants to ask Morrill if he is unharmed. The second battle starts quickly after. In the battle Kilrain and Chamberlain are both injured. Chamberlain comes up with a new plan designed to push the Confederates back. The soldiers proceed to carry out this plan. However the Twentieth Maine is weak, and they are also running out

  • Battle Of The Granicus Essay

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    The Battle of the Granicus took place in 334 BCE in western Turkey. The Macedonians greatly outnumbered the Persians, and were at the advantage. It was a head on attack, known as “heroic warfare.” During the battle, Alexander received a head wound that nearly killed him. Although most the Persian cavalry escaped, Alexander killed most the Greek mercenaries. This was a victory for Alexander, however, some historians believe there were two battles, with the first as a loss to Alexander, and the second

  • Battle Of Gettysburg Analysis

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    The most exceptional works require the most exceptional resources and there is no lack of exceptional sources about the battle of Gettysburg. However, along with the exceptional there is the truly unexceptional sources and the true puzzle becomes sifting out the bad and retaining the good. The picture of little round top is an example of a helpful source because it helps the writer actually visualize the setting, to which is being explaining. This could be used in better explaining the true struggle

  • Battle Of Thermopylae Sparknotes

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    their destiny. The battle of Thermopylae is one of the most significant and profoundly symbolic battles in Greek and Persian history. The three-day battle for the pass at the “Hot Gates” of Thermopylae was an overwhelming event that ended in the defeat of the Greeks by the Persian empire. Ernle Bradford's book, Thermopylae, The Battle for the West, was a detailed depiction of the leadership, planning, organization, and process of the Persians and the Greeks as they prepared for battle. Even more importantly

  • Battle Of Shiloh Essay

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    The battle of Shiloh took place between April 6, and April 7, of 1862 in Tennessee near the Mississippi River. It 's was considered the largest and bloodiest battle to that point in time. There were over 23,000 casualties during the battle. This essay will be evaluating the history accuracy of The Drummer Boy Of Shiloh, to Drumbeats and Bullets based on where it happened, what happened, and other details that help tie the fictional story to history. Where it happened. Drumbeats and Bullets tells

  • Battle Of Gettysburg DBQ

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    the Battle of Gettysburg, the troops on each side had lost many soldiers? The Battle of Gettysburg, was part of the Civil War that lasted 4 years and it was the Union (North) against the Confederacy (South). This battle, was a win for the Union boosting up their moral, but giving up confidence for the Confederacy. Each side had many casualties and therefore, the Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point during the Civil War because of the effects that came with the battle. After the battle, the

  • Analysis Of Battle Of The Alamo

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    The defeat by the Texans at the 1836 Battle of the Alamo made martyrs of the heroes who fought until the end and inspired the rest of Texans to fight with valor to gain independence from Mexico. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the 1836 Battle of the Alamo and to identify how the utilization of intelligence assets or the lack thereof could off resulted in an alternate outcome. Additionally, this paper will provide a brief analysis of the battle and will, based on evidence, show how if the