Why Is Sparta Important To Greek Life

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Sparta was once one of the most important Greek city-states throughout Greece, famous for their military lifestyle. When you think of a Spartan warrior, you vision a man with huge muscles, red cloaks, long hair, and sharp swords. Spartan warriors were the best and feared fighters in Greece, they spend their whole lives learning new fighting techniques and serving their home, Sparta. At around six or seven years old, young boys would be taken from their homes to be trained as Spartan warriors. Spartan males were taught that their main purpose in life is battle and they were trained for any type of fighting. Not only were they taught fighting, both they were taught how to read and write because education is important in any civilization. When …show more content…

Sparta was not going to let itself being conquered or their freedom being taken away. Some battles that Spartans were known for were Thermopylae and Plataea in the 5th century BC. The battle of Thermopylae was the first battle between the Persians and the Greeks; the Persian army was vast compared to the small Greek and Spartan armies. Persian King Xerxes had already the Thessalains in the Persian side but the rest of the Greek city-states banded together and put Sparta in charge of the Greek army. The Greeks had to defend a narrow pass that could lead the Persians into Greece from the North, this pass was called Thermopylae. There were 300 Spartans commanded by their king, Leonidas and 6,000 soldiers from other city-states against the Persian army of 100,000 men. The small Greek force held their position for two days till a Greek traitor told Xerxes of another path that was used by local people. Using this pass, the Persians passed through the mountains in secret and trapped the Greeks from the front and behind. On the third day, King Leonidas chose to stay to fight to the end and told the rest of the city-states to run while they still could but the Spartan army would die till the end. Although the Battle of Thermopylae was lost it showed that the Spartans were not afraid of the Persians and brought hope to the rest of the Greek city-states.

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