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Athens vs. Sparta

Whether it's government, education, art, or military, Athens and Sparta have always had many similarities as well as differences in ancient Greece. Sparta and Athens did not share the same view and opinions. As a result of these disagreements, the two ancient Greek city-states were rivals. They both had very different methods of teaching, military training, women's rights, and more. Spartans focused most on the training of war, and Athens focused most on knowledge and intelligence. The two societies had stayed true enemies from the beginning to the end.

Education was one of the many subjects that Athens and Sparta differed on. Athens was taught subjects that made them more knowledgeable. They were taught math, reading, writing, and more. The spartan's education consisted of only one topic which was training for war. As Athens was invested in learning new materials, the Spartans were gaining knowledge in war and gaining experience in combat. Although different methods in many ways they were both taught something in education and at least a small amount of military training. “...boys were taught survival skills, how to fight, how to steal what they need without getting caught…” Doc A. This …show more content…

In Athens, women were mostly secluded from many things. They could not vote, leave the house without permission from their husband, and more. In Sparta, the rules for women were much more lenient. Spartan women would train with the men and could own land. In both Sparta and Athens, women could marry and raise children. Evidence in document D states, “ Spartan women were expected to protect the city from attacks when the men were not home, for this reason, they were also trained to fight in battle.” The quote supports the contrast between Athens and Sparta by explaining what the Spartan women do. Sparta and Athens have different thoughts on many things, including women's rights and the

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