How Did Spartan Women Influence History

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The ancient powerhouse of Greece, Sparta, was a city-state that was based around military. They were known for many reasons and continue to influence history today. The Spartans reached the top of their run of success after defeating the Athenians in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 B.C). The ideals and morals of the Spartans were based upon loyalty to the military and the entire city-state. Many scholars idolize the Spartans because of the rights that women held and their place in society. In fact, Spartan women were some of the most intelligent women among Greece. However, despite their long-living legends, the Spartan Empire fell after Thebes defeated them in 371 BC at the Battle of Leuctra. Sparta withstands in legends and many of their military…show more content…
The Spartans differed from most Greek city-states. WHile they focused on arts, learning, and philosophy, Sparta was focused on the fascinating culture of the warriors. Male Spartans were allowed one occupation: soldier. As you know, they started young. The teenage boys who represented the best leadership were selected by the trainers to participate in the Crypteia, which was a secret community of “police” that would continually terrorize the Helot population. They would beat those out at night, and murder troublemakers. This abuse was seen as leadership with the Spartan values. They wanted warriors who were unafraid and showed no mercy during…show more content…
Spartan women were known as the most independent, fearless, educated women in Greece. Just because they did not take part in military, that doesn’t mean that they didn’t hold any power. These women were given a formal education, but separated from boys. Not only were they educated, they took part in athletic competitions, which would include such sports as javelin-throwing and wrestling. Women could also sing and dance competitively. Once and adult, a woman could own and manage property. And no, they did not have to cook and clean, for the Helots did
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