Breaking The Chain Of Conformity In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Breaking The Chains Of Conformity With Courage Courage is similar to being the ripened fruit on a barren tree, it gives life and color to a dull exterior. The courage that others display gives our nation determination for another day. Courage is the ability to prevail through hardships, to reveal your true inner nature, and to stand up for what you believe, when the rest of the world falls as a slave to conformity. Hardships are lurking around every corner of our life ready to immerse whenever we least expect them. In fact, he only way to be prepared for the moment that these hardships come is to have courage and a vallor mindset. In Elie Wiesel’s ‘Night’, Elie faced obstacles in the concentration camps that he had never before experienced; yet, he stayed courageous and determined to stay alive. While at these camps, Elie was living off of a slice of bread and chunky soup, he was beaten for no reason, and he was emotionally scared beyond belief. Near the end of Elie’s journey, his father, with whom he had put all love and affection, died before him. However; Elie …show more content…

In fact, the only way that a problem is solved in our day and age is with our voice. Will that be your voice? During the years of racial segregation, there was a woman who altered history by being courageous. Rosa Parks is an amazing example of someone who was not fearful of breaking the chains of our racial country. One day Rosa Parks was taking the city bus from her working place back home. Rosa was sitting in a front seat that normally belonged to those of white skin. When a white woman entered the bus and asked Rosa to move Rosa told her “No”. Rosa was later arrested but she now serves as a hero to America for her bravery. It can be very difficult to be different in a world that is so similar, but sometimes it can be as easy as sitting down in a world that all stands

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