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Rasheed Raham Cadet DOC Letter of interest for sergeant in the Lakeside Patrol Division Dear LSPD command, I am writing to inform you about my large interest in joining the patrol division in the role of sergeant, I have been in patrol division prior to this letter and have followed the correct rank structure up to lieutenant. I have been in the FTO department and have worked closely in training people from recruits all the way to my lieutenant. My current personal biography My real name is Oliver Williams and I am 14 years old and currently live in the UK, I plan to study law in university and am currently on the road to my GCSE’s. I have recently completed a Magistrates Court mock trial as a prosecution lawyer and managed to achieve …show more content…

I have achieved respectable ranks within these departments and have decided my preferred area of work, Patrol Division. I enjoy this as it is a frontline approach to stop crime and most officers have a friendly bond which encourages me to proceed further within to force and to achieve a high rank. What I will do when I join When I join I will familiarise myself with the officers below me, I will allow them and the command to ask any questions about how I will improve the standard of officers in the field. I will spend a few days observing officers and will note down to most common mistakes they or I am making , this will me we can all improve as a team when I notify an FTO of our mistakes. I will constantly remind officers on basic procedures as they are often overlooked in training. I would like to finish this letter of with thanks to the command members that read this letter of interest and ultimately decide the outcome of my request. My I also thank you for allowing me the opportunity to transfer and show my skills in the Patrol Division. Yours Sincerely, Oliver Williams If you have any questions please ask

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