Independence Youth Court Personal Statement

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Being a volunteer with the Independence Youth Court has allowed me to grow as a person and find a path in life that I plan to make a career. Youth Court is a diversion court system in my city where juveniles who have committed misdemeanor offenses can go for arraignment and trial amongst a court made up of their peers. Through my experience being a volunteer attorney and judge, I have been given the chance to practice speaking in a courtroom. This rare opportunity gave me a skill that I will value down the line as I begin my career as a lawyer. Further, this opportunity has allowed me to practice public speaking which will follow me far beyond the confines of the Independence Youth Court. The confidence in speaking in a courtroom that I have gained from volunteering has given me a new outlook on my future. Before volunteering, I never would have thought my dream would be to become an attorney and argue in front of a court. However, the Independence Youth Court has inspired me to go to law school and follow this dream that I once thought was impossible. I truly have a passion for the judicial system and the Independence Youth Court has guided me through the discovery of this passion and through finding the confidence to know it is possible. Along with beginning to realize my own potential, the Independence Youth Court has given me a new …show more content…

Specifically, I want to practice family law, and help families try to stay together, even in the worst kinds of situations. I hope to influence legislation to give children more rights in the court system because I believe that they do not have enough. Finally, I hope to come back to the Independence Youth Court and serve as a mentor for volunteers just like me who need guidance in their college and career planning. I hope to continue my work with the Independence Youth Court long after I pass the Bar

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