Brock Turner Case Study

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The Brock Turner case is a very controversial case that spark debate on the subject of white male privilege and the abuse of power. People speculate that the only reason Turner received such a minimal sentence is because his parents are affluent and influential, due to their success and status as a white professional. He was found guilty and the judge gave him a very lenient sentence. Many people saw this as unfair to the girl that was raped and to everyone else impacted by this man 's crime. The judge 's name is Aaron Persky. He has requested to be moved from criminal to civil court, subsequent to the scrutiny and attention he received from the Turner ruling. An organization called “Recall Judge Persky” are requesting 80,000 signatures so …show more content…

I choose this case because judicial bias is an awful thing and no judge should be biased. In January 2015 a prior student at West Chester University in Pennsylvania was found guilty of rape and was sentenced to six years in prison. This person was charged six years of prison while Turner was sentenced to six months in jail. They both were found guilty and yet the other person had six times the sentence Turner got. It should not matter if the person is rich or poor, very influential in the community or not, you always need to judge a case by the evidence that is shown. A fair and unbiased court system is necessary for the legal system. The role of the court is to correct any injustice, not to compound it. When prejudice and corruption leak into the courts, what recourse do we have for eradicating them from society? Our judges must be stalwarts of integrity because the power to move our country forward or hold our country back often lies in their hands. Judge Persky had the power to bring justice to a victim, to help her and her family move forward. But he decided to not help that woman and her family. There are terrible people out in the world and we need to put them away. Becoming a lawyer is a highly skilled profession and requires many years of education and training. This may frighten many people away from this profession. Although many people are not willing to put in the hard work to become a lawyer, I am because ever since I was little I have been strangely interested in the legal system and how it works. As I become older I have become more intrigued in court cases on T.V. and in the news. I want to learn more about the judicial system and protect the rights of people who have been victims of severe

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