Criminal Justice Application Essay Examples

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Students in the criminal justice department are taught that our main objective in the justice system and our careers is to serve and also protect those involved in our community. For as long as I can remember, my goal in life has been to provide service by protecting and serving those who are close to me. My penchant for service is what eventually led me to the Criminal Justice program at Valdosta State University. This passion for service began at a very young age when my life was turned upside down when I relocated from Puerto Rico to the state of Georgia due to a tragic car accident that led to the end of my father’s life. This sudden change of lifestyle and heartbreak came with an extreme amount of struggle and culture shock not just …show more content…

My goal with my college degree is to graduate with honors with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and eventually transition into law school within the state of Georgia. After law school, I plan to become a juvenile and immigration attorney in hopes of one day becoming a positive influence and defender for those without a voice. However, as a first generation college student, financially speaking attending college has not been easy. Surviving college would have been impossible without the support of my mother. As a single mother, she has done everything in her power to make sure that her two daughters receive the education they deserve. As senior year slowly approaches, I find myself struggling to maintain financial aid, as interest rates in loans are also increasing. Pell grant also has a limit, which is also approaching for me, leaving me without any financial assistance due to the fact that my mother cannot afford to pay tuition for each semester, including my future dream to attend law school

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