Criminal Justice Prosecutor Essay

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As defined in the book, Introduction to Criminal Justice, a prosecutor is “an appointed or elected member of the practicing bar who is responsible for bringing the state’s case against the accused,” whom protects the civil rights of the criminal defendant in the process of trial. Hence, a prosecutor is the most powerful person in the Criminal Justice system because of the rurality of a case settling in court. Thus, there are three types of prosecutors, whom shares the goal and the burden of protecting the civil rights bestowed in a nondiscriminatory manner. The first type of prosecutor is in the federal system, the United States attorneys whose main purpose is to carry out justice unbiasedly in federal court, and is appointed by the president. The second type, the attorney general is the chief legal officer who is also a prosecutor of each state, including the United States. Lastly, the district attorney, who is the county prosecutor, in charge of upbringing offenders to justice and ensuring the enforcement of the criminal law of the state. Of these three, the United States attorney must carry out the most responsibility because he or she is appointed by the president. Hence, taken place in federal court, as well, the overwhelming …show more content…

Where there are numerous accounts of a prosecutor’s duty in the Criminal Justice system. From the cooperation from law enforcement to the recommendation of sentences to courts upon conviction, and most importantly, representing the government in every aspect. However, there are times when power takes over a prosecutor conducting misconducts that are going against the criminal law that a prosecutor has lawfully Oath to protect the civil rights of those criminal defendants. Hence, it has been seen in many accounts of court cases that prosecutor’s misconduct upon

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