Criminal Justice System Essay

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Around the nation, every state justice system encounters dissatisfaction due to the local judge in which they are presumably entitled to be unbiased toward any case. Furthermore, the justice system of the state is required to be unbiased in every aspect, however, there should be an easier process for the public to unseat a justice who has failed to remain unbiased in the court. The justice system, encounters plenty of controversy after a series of unequal treatment in cases, changes made to the justice system, and other reasons in which people are questioning the validity of the justice system that each state proclaims they are to be, it leads to the public wanting to become more involved in each case, and the seating of which judge should …show more content…

Most of the time, when going through trials, there is inequality based off racial background between each person being tried. An example of this can be seen in many occasions that have been mentioned in countless articles and books, that talk about the inequality of the justice system and how long it has been around for in our country. For example, “In 79 percent of the cases in which the district attorney sought the death penalty, the defendant was black, despite the fact that only 44 percent of the circuit’s population was black” (Bender). The statistic that is included in the book is not a false statement and was a piece of research in order to realize that most judges that are on case to charge a person with the death penalty is more susceptible to decide a death penalty for a black person than they would for a white person only because they seem it is correct. The facts and numbers provided in any article shows how the justice system is more harsh on those of different color of white, or those of different race than an American, and it shows how that black community is in danger from a system that is supposed to detect us, because any crime they do, no matter how small it is, the punishment for it will be drastically different than that of a white man were to be tried for the same crime. An example of the issue involving inequality of the races can be seen in many other sources, for example where it is written, “Our judicial system is demonstrably, institutionally racist i the end result, and the end result-killing a

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