Essay On Racial Inequality

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As we reach the 21st century we would think that racial inequality has completely ended yet we continue to see much discrimination. Racial inequality continues to exist in the world and here in the United States it is a very controversial topic. Today, we watch the television and almost everyday we hear news about some type of crime or situation which regards race issues. In other words, racism is still a topic that we experience in a daily basis and continues to haunt this country. By analyzing some recent racial inequality news we can find out what continues to make this issue such a controversial topic. Two recent news regarding racial discrimination is the controversial Mr. Donald Trump and his comments regarding Mexicans and also a recent strike held at many Universities around the United States protesting about discrimination at their schools. One recent racism act that we have all heard of is the rude and disrespectful man named Donald Trump. His rude comments about Mexicans were very offensive and disrespectful. He called all Mexicans criminals, drug dealers and rapist. His exact words were "They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists and some, I …show more content…

Something that I would not consider a racial act but that might represent racial cliques is high school groups. In high school we would categorize the school into sections. The hispanics were always by the cafeteria, the blacks by a brick wall, the whites by the grass area and the asians by the science building. Obviously their was always different races blended in between all those sections but it was just a way we would see the school. There was rarely ever racial inequalities between all these groups but it just showed how although we say we are all equal and we should all get along we do the opposite. Very misfortunate to see everyone seperate

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