Essay On Race Supremacy

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Most people nowadays often become victim of violence by the things that they believe in. Whether it is race supremacy, religion, or gender, people are deluded by thinking their beliefs and values are correct; which leads them to injuring and possibly killing others with opposing opinions. One of the biggest reasons people fight is race supremacy. People that believe that their race is better than anothers. Some people even go the the extent of killing people of other races to try and prove that they have superiority. This is like what happened in Charlottesville. In Charlottesville, there was a rally of white supremacists. People with opposing opinions rallied against them. This led one man, James Alex, to drive his car into the people rallying …show more content…

After 9/11, not only the Neo-Nazis, but most of America were deluded into discrimination against Muslims. Whether it was at an airport or just in the street, people feared for their lives when around a Muslim. This even caused some people to turn on their neighbours, and kill them, if they were a Muslim. This shows the delusion that one religion is dangerous has led people to be violent towards the people of that faith. Violence is not only limited to hate groups. Violence can also be found in the gender issues of today. In the book Sold, we see that violence takes different forms. Lakshmi is a 13 year old girl who was sold into sex trafficking, where she became the victim of kidnapping, rape, and psychological abuse.This highlights the many ways that violence is not only killing or discrimination. This also shows the deluded beliefs of some cultures that women can be used as property. The definition of deluded is deceived by false beliefs. When a person is deluded, they are usually given a false idea, which leads to ignorance. The ignorance in Charlottesville was over the confederate memorials. Each side is ignorant of why the other side is offended by the confederate memorials. This is what leads to deluded violence against

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