Summary Of Sold By Patricia Mccormick

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“ …. You belong to me “ ( McCormick pg 106). Patricia McCormick wrote Sold about a young girl who used to go to school like a regular kid like everyone else then she was sold to a Happiness House where she was working as a sex slave to get money for Mumtaz and also her way out back home. The story was a coming to age story which made her grow up too fast with other girls used as prostitutes with no way out . Some may believe that this novel was to entertain the audience or persuade the reader to be more active or vigilant about global issues around the world . However, most agree that this is something that needs to be addressed on bigger scale because it 's a crime. Patricia McCormick wrote Sold to exploit the world for paying attention to the wrongs things , and not paying to attention to anything but themselves . She also writes Sold to find out more about the sexual system , and what happens to these girls that are getting abducted into labor while thinking otherwise most of the time. Lastly she wrote sold to find out more about Human trafficking and how it happens so often. Thus, McCormick wrote this novel to reveal how human trafficking is an humane act that happening …show more content…

Human trafficking was a major problem in this book. Researching human trafficking can further all evidence and information on the topic which the books had multiple points to emphasize on . Patricia Mccormick writes sold to inform people about the experiences of others lives and the way they are living with this happening to them or have happened . Her personal trials have taken an emotional route to connect with Lakshmi or some of the young girls she has visited previously. This essay is important because it talks and highlights very key points on Human trafficking and how it affects women and the society as a

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