Summary Of Sold By Patricia Mccormick

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A day in the life of a sex slave is interesting, and when you have children living with you it becomes a worry, in Born into Brothels the children that have been raised in the Red Light District have fear in their lives. Everyday the young children watch their mothers give sex for pay and they see their fathers beating their wives and drinking and doing drugs. These children have fear in their lives because they know they do not want to be like their parents but they have no option because there is no way to escape. Sex slavery is a way to earn quick cash and families in the Red Light District are poor and they usually force their daughters into sex slavery. In Sold by Patricia McCormick, Lakshmi’s family is poor and they need money, so Lakshmi …show more content…

While to step father was bartering a price for Lakshmi, it became more obvious that she wasn’t going to be a maid, “‘She has no hips,’ I hear her say. ‘And she’s plain as porridge. I’ll give you five hundred’” (McCormick 53). This shows how it is implied that Lakshmi is about to be sold into sex slavery because to be honest hips have nothing to do with house services. In the book McCormick makes it seem like she is going to be a housemaid then something goes wrong and she becomes a prostitute. While analyzing the text, McCormick makes a sneaky inference to imply that her step father sold her. This can show that you can’t always trust family because they can be full of greed and eventually sell you. This is an example of what happened in Born into Brothels, the 2005 documentary of children that were born into brothels. As most of the girls are coming into age, their families expect them to become a prostitute, and this one girl is actually really close to becoming one because they consider it “a family tradition”. It is a big shame and to be honest this girl has no chance of survival unless she goes to a boarding school. This can show how parents as human beings can intentionally sell their children into sex

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