Senseless Conformity Analysis

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In society, there are many standards that people must uphold to. In western society, it is uncommon for men to have long hair or for women to have short hair. Naturally, people will be conscientious of their differences between other people and try to change them or cover them up, and often times people who do not follow the standard are looked down upon. This leads to people trying to fit into the groups around them almost thoughtlessly. However, when people conform without thinking, it can lead to dangerous consequences. Often times, mindless conformity leads to senseless violence that could have been avoided with just a little more thought. In order to justify hateful and exclusive acts, the actions of people in minorities are often taken out of context to make them seem more threatening. As the hunters are chasing after Ralph, he hides in the thicket, knowing it will be difficult to reach him. However, he comes dangerously close to getting hit by one of their spears, so he instinctively sticks his spear through the thicket and manages to wound one of the hunters. After doing so, he hears one of the savages say, “See? I told you—he’s dangerous” (194). Even though Ralph is only trying to protect himself, his attack is not seen as self defense, but rather as an assault on the group. This portrayal justifies attacking Ralph by very clearly establishing him as an enemy of the group who is threatening their way of life. As the general consensus rises that hunting Ralph is

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