Logan Fey's The Sociology Of Leopard Man

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Society can often be seen as harsh and unwelcoming, but sometimes it may seem like a necessity to be able to fit in. Many people don't fit into society, but keeping out can be extremely difficult due to social pressures. This is explained in Logan Fey's essay titled “The Sociology of Leopard Man” through his description of the world’s most tattooed man, Tom Leppard, and how Tom affects Fey’s views on society. Fitting in is often seen as unavoidable because of the constraints society puts on us and the constraints that we force on our very own being, but this forcefulness can often be harmful. Conforming and moving against one’s true nature is often harmful to their mental state of being. This can be demonstrated by how “conformity can be seen as America’s most common, but dangerous psychological disorder”(Fey 6). People often force themselves into …show more content…

It is clear that “society looks down upon freakish and extraordinary individuals alike and views them with suspicion”(Fey 4). This is another common behavior that everybody takes part in, whether they are privileged or not, whether they are ignorant or informed, and whether or not they are conscious of what effects their actions have or the world. Society is controls people by placing constraints that if not followed label the person as a freak and an outcast. It can be said that society is more forgiving than it is made out to be, but the person who makes that argument might not be taking into consideration the people who kill themselves because of how society treated them. The person who makes that argument would never say that if they were taking the fact that society turns people into a shell of what they once were into consideration. Conformity, while it comes easily to many, is an unavoidable and dangerous factory mold that people unfit for society are crushed into so they can become another misshapen product of

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