Essay On Race And Ethnicity

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This chapter explains the difference between race and ethnicity and how they came about. It also explains the advantages and disadvantages some have due to the creation of race. Race and ethnicity have strong foundations not only within countries, but between them. Globalization has increased the individual’s ethnic identities, but has also put some at disadvantages. Having different races and ethnicities is not an issue, but ranking the different races and putting others at disadvantages creates issues. Racism occurs when a minority group is defined, negative characteristics are associated with them, and they are kept at a disadvantage to others. The most interesting aspect of racism is how people justify making their classifications. Race is a socially constructed term. This means people of a society made up race without any real backing or evidence to do so. One’s race is based mostly on their physical characteristics like skin color or hair type, or lineage. Another socially defined term is ethnicity, which is based on one’s cultural characteristics like language, religion, and traditions. Some attempt to …show more content…

These places are considered majority-minority populations. However, the definition of majority does not depend on a numerical value, but rather differences in prestige, income, and power. Minority groups are individuals with less power, wealth, and prestige, and the majority groups are those with more of each category. These classifications case prejudice and discrimination, which negatively effect individuals in minority groups. Some are even members of two minority groups, which makes situations and opportunities worse for them. On the other hand, some people can also e a part of two majority groups, causing them to be extremely advantaged. Since the individuals in power benefit from discrimination of others, leveling the hierarchy is an extremely difficult

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