Essay On Institutional Racism

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Do you think America is institutionally racist? Who is at a disadvantage? Institutional racism means that there is a systematic way for certain groups of people to be put at a lower level or advantage than another group of people. There was definitely institutional racism in America about fifty years ago, and I know that because I can name specific institutions who were racist to the black minority. But in order for anyone to fight modern day institutional racism, you have to tell me what company is being racist, tell me why, and we can fight that together. Unfortunately for those who believe there is still racism in America, they can’t name a business and why. Running around and yelling “there’s racism in America” doesn’t solve the issue, …show more content…

Young black men who are shot by the police are very commonly justified, such as Michael Brown who was shot by police because he went for a cops gun inside a cops car. Slyville Smith was killed because he had a record of various arrests, and refused to put his illegally obtained pistol down when an officer asked him to. Where are the overzealous white cops who are out to take young black men into prisons for no reason? Where are the cops who kill solely because they're racist? Some may argue that cops who are pulling people over for “small” crimes like a broken tail light or slightly overspeeding is what causes more police brutality, but if a cop pulls a person over for a broken tail light, and they gets out of the car with a weapon, is the cop really racist in that scenario? Or is the cop simply protecting himself and others around them? Racism in the police force is virtually nonexistent. I can agree that certain individuals will be racist, but one cop being racist in an entire department of cops does not mean there is an institutionalized issue, and can be cared for much easier; fire the

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