College Counselor Personal Statement

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I can vividly remember the advice given to me by my high school counselor. I was broken down, whispering to myself that I was not college bound. It was my counselor who made me realize that persistence was a key factor to continuing my education. The wisdom that was shared to me that day was instilled into my mind and was endorsed in my heart. I want to be the person that gives a glimpse of hope to students that need an extra push through education, just like it was given to me. My goal is to become a college counselor. I want to guide students to their career paths, by helping them discover their own talents, self-interests, and limitations. With these tools, students will be able to utilize the resources around them. Also, I plan to give assistance to those students that are considered a minority and are the first generations going to college. I am also the first in my family attaining an education. I did not have my mother’s insight of what to do and/or what to expect from college. My main support were my counselors; they helped me not feel alienated as a student. Despite all the circumstances and …show more content…

I struggled with my education since the age of nine. I lived in an abusive home for three years while changing schools constantly and later being transferred into the foster care system until my mother gained full custody of my siblings and I. Thanks to my counselors, I was able to focus my mind on my education. They always believed in me and guided to take the appropriate steps through my education and through my personal relationships. I have jumped obstacles and I will continue to thrive for success. By helping students with their academic goals, I will be able to provide students the opportunities that were given to me by different counselors. I want to be the change agent for all the forthcoming students that want to access an education and need the encouragement to strive for

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