Applied Behavior Analysis Essay Examples

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My journey began when The Deron School hired me as a paraprofessional. I learned so much about myself in a classroom setting of diverse learners. First, my strong qualities, such as patience, flexibility to change, and positivity, were simply demonstrated for this position. I have witnessed staff members resign due to stress from unpredictable circumstances. However, I can simply understand the rough days which strengthens my performance to find a solution. Since the students are learning at different levels, I work with each one to achieve academic skills; in addition to recognizing issues, encouraging socialization and independence. Also, I have earned the title as a Registered Behavioral Technician through training, exams, and BCBA observations. Applied Behavior Analysis is very useful while managing behaviors that interfere with learning. I am invested in knowing the needs, weaknesses, strengths, and fears of all the students. A trustful bond will lead students to feel valued in their abilities. As a paraprofessional, my goal is to …show more content…

As a future teacher, I will always have good intentions for my students. I will recognize their abilities and encourage growth while having a positive approach. I will teach in a variety of ways that is beneficial to my students. If they are having difficulties learning the material, I will change my teaching strategies until progress is achieved. I will include every student; the quiet will be heard, the misunderstood will be redirected and the gifted will be rewarded. I will understand that every student is different and embrace every challenge. My goal is to strive as a positive role model by influencing moral character with

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