Homeless Youth Personal Statement Essay

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Every individual has a different background and it is our job as educators to take that into consideration as we educate our students. While reading the articles and watching the film, I realized that not all students are fortunate enough to have a stable household and some may not even have a roof over their heads at night. I was in awe by the amount of homeless youth that are out on the streets of Chicago every night. In the film, The Homestretch, it stated that 2,000-3,000 homeless youth were out on the streets every night. It also stated 19,000 students are registered as homeless within Chicago public schools. This made me realize the challenges they go through just in one single day. I began to realize that education is not their number one priority, it is surviving through the night. How can we ask students to do homework at night, when they don’t even have a place to go to? …show more content…

I started off by believing I will be an educator and that is it. I was wrong. I need to work hard to make my students’ futures better in an academic aspect and in a functional aspect. I want to create a class in high school where it educates students on basic job skills. I want to create a class in high school that helps students get ready for college and help them apply for different post-secondary education. I want to have a job coach come in and work with my students a few times a month. I want to provide a service where I provide meals for my students over the weekends if they need it. I want to find a safe and open home for my homeless students to live in. I want to show my students that they can get a job and/or go to college. These are all my goals and my roles that I want to contribute as a teacher. It is my responsibility to prepare all my students for a successful transition into adulthood. All of my goals that I stated can benefit my students and lead them into a brighter

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