Thesis Statement About Success

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INTRODUCTION Hook In life, people always continue struggling to obtain what they want, and they always crave for a successful life. In general, success is defined to be the accomplishment of an aim or a purpose, and each of us has our own aims or purposes to reach. Background information For instance, a lot of sport athletes wish to be showered with a lot of trophies and glory. Some people dream to be a successful and famous public speaker. Others want to be a millionaire or a billionaire. Singers as well as actors wish to be successful in their career and become famous. Teachers may hope to succeed in imparting knowledge to their students. Many students simply would like to pass examinations or have good grades in school. Notwithstanding their different targets to achieve success, they all must learn ways to fulfill their goals. Thesis statement There are a lot of ways to knock the door of success, …show more content…

Support: Eric Thomas, the author of the book ‘The Secret to Success’, once said about success that whatever paths taking us to success, at some point we all have to go through the boulevard of hard work. Example: If you want to achieve success, hard work and dedication are the second element after explicit plans. In addition, we had better take responsibility for our tasks. None can help us to fulfil our targets but ourselves, hence learning to bear responsibility is very essential. Support: According to Christina DesMarais, hard work and dedication will help us to grasp more chances so as to knock the door of success. Example Explicit plans in the first step will become futile if we do not take action. Merely hoping for chances does not help us get good outcomes. Whoever just waits for chances to knock their door is unlikely to reach success; therefore, taking action as well as working hard is the key for us to catch more

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