Being Successful

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Entry #1 Examining the Subjects: Success or Failure? September 22, 2015

Being successful means that you are proud of what you’ve accomplished when you reflect back on your experiences and hardships that resulted in whatever situation you are in now that makes you happy and excited for the future rather than stressed and afraid. I do not believe that money equals success. I believe success is always a work in progress that will differ for everyone. Tangible rewards like wealth can be a benefit of success, but non-tangible results like changing someone’s life or creating a positive impact for the future of society or the environment benefits everyone far more at the end of the day.

To be successful you must be determined, persevering, passionate, …show more content…

Her “dreams” indicate that she still has hope in her life in spite of her situation. This shows that she is optimistic and does not fear the future but rather looks forward to a better day. Though she barely gets by with what she has, she makes the most of it and is still hopeful, content and living a life where she cares so much about everyone else and tries to make even the smallest difference despite her …show more content…

Phil was so dedicated to his work and company that he valued his success over his relationship with his wife and kids. We are told and inferred this when Goodman writes that Phil’s eldest son had to “research[...] his father, asking the neighbors what he was like” (8). Vicomtesse was also not a part of the upbringing of her son as McLaren says, “We never got along well because I didn’t bring him up. [...] He never call me mama” (4). Despite not being a part of either of their family’s life, Vicomtesse tries to compensate the lack by doing her best to help others while Phil takes his family for granted and replaces them with his

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