Summary Of Marigolds By Eugenia Collier

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What must one do when one does not understand a circumstance? In the short story Marigolds by Eugenia Collier, the main character, Lizabeth, overhears her father’s cries of anguish and decides to destroy her neighbor’s marigolds. The reason for her father’s cries is he doesn’t understand why he hasn’t been able to find a job for so long and her decision to destroy the marigolds is because she doesn’t understand why everything is changing. Lizabeth’s father exclaims the reasons for his sorrow by saying “twenty-two years, Maybelle, twenty-two years, . . . and I got nothing for you, nothing, nothing” (Collier 416). Here, Lizabeth’s father is disappointed in himself for not being able to find a job for 22 years. Maybelle, his wife, tried to rationalize

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