The Art Of Distinction Essay

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This book “The Art of Distinction” is a set of knowledge and disciplines designed to trigger constructive actions against mediocrity, lowliness and frivolity. Chiefly, it aims at empowering students to be more in control of their future. Everybody is full of dreams but it seems only a few persons live their dream lives. This book has been inspired by the desire to bridge the gap between dreaming and living the dream life and to also create a boundary between living differently and following the crowd. It contains most ideas about life and success which serves as answers to the most confusing questions frequently asked by many at the course of living. It is obvious that we often face life without observation and evaluation of things happening; neither do we draw the right excerptions of the contents that fit our line of goals. Keen Observation is an amazing tool ever fashioned; it allows us see what others have not seen, drive out meaning they couldn’t drive thus, accruing us a distinctive future. Evaluation however, comes as a compliment to this tool. Every generous spirited reader will experience amazing breakthrough as he endeavors to apply the lessons in this book. Living a life beyond circumstances is another important …show more content…

Well, success in its simple form is still yet to find the right collocation by those who pursue it. However, success can be well understood and effectively attained when there is a better understanding of what life is all about. Apparently, life precedes the pursuit of success. Hence it will be a blind chase, aiming at success without a good knowledge of what life entails. There are though, ideas of what type of life a person should live as taught in schools, families, churches and other agents of socialization. Many things have been written, spoken and taught about life and success. More will still be written, spoken and taught concerning this same

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