The Contender Argumentative Essay

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People have different views on what success really means. Some say success is based on money or fame. If you have a lot of money or fame you're "definitely" successful. Others say success is based on your fulfillment and overall happiness in your life. Alfred Brooks, the protagonist in the novel The Contender by Robert Lypsite, has many friends, family, and supporters. Alfred also has almost no financial gain through boxing, but he's been inspired to work hard. Lastly, Alfred is very happy with his life even after his boxing career fails. On the other hand, Midge Kelly, the main character in the film "Champion," is the polar opposite of Alfred. Midge loses his friends, family, and supporters. Also, Midge is rich, but he dies alone and unhappy. At the end of the novel, Alfred Brooks is more successful than Midge Kelly is at the end of the movie. Throughout The Contender Alfred has friends …show more content…

Sadly, Alfred ends his boxing career with barely any financial gain, but he does inherit inspiration and he finds his calling in life. The main reason Alfred is not rich at the end of the novel is because Alfred lacks the killer instinct that successful boxers, like Midge, have. An example of this is when Alfred is fighting Griffin and knocks him out. Instead of celebrating, Alfred immediately feels bad for knocking him out cold. In other words, Alfred feels guilty about hitting people in the ring, where Midge will do anything to succeed and win. However, Midge ends up extremely rich from his boxing career, but this money goes to Midge's head very quickly. Most noticeably, is when Jerry Harris offers Midge a deal. The deal is that Midge won't have to pay Jerry his share of the boxing profits if Midge gives up Palmer. Midge accepts the deal. By the end of "Champion," Midge's disloyalty which is brought on by his new wealth and fame leads him to his inevitable

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