Sports In The 1920s

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Some of the main highlights seen from sporting events today – home runs, slam dunks, three pointers, 80-yard touchdown receptions – never occurred in the early days of sport. Sports evolved drastically from 1865-1920, going through numerous peaks and valleys. Sometimes sports issues developed into political or social issues. Throughout the valleys, major sports were able to persevere and obtain the prominence they now have in society. Of all the sports that evolved during the late nineteenth to early twentieth century, baseball and boxing benefited the most through rationalization. Prizefighting was initially banned throughout the United States, and only occurred in secluded areas where the police were not able to interfere. These fights were …show more content…

It was not until Rickard’s efforts that the middle to upper class indulged themselves in the world of boxing, as boxing became legalized in some states due to a shift in public opinion. Rickard supported Jack Dempsey, and used a powerful gimmick to promote his fights. Dempsey had avoided military service, so Rickard exploited this fact by picking opponents who were decorated military officers or men of other races. Pitting fighters of opposite personalities or different races is a rational fight promotion tactic that is still heavily used in modern times. Connor McGregor’s brash, exuberant style of “trash talk” compared to Nate Diaz’s blunt, composed demeanor created so much buzz around their second fight that it was considered the modern day “Ali vs. Ferguson”. In addition, Dana White continuously schedules fights between two competitors who do not like each other, regardless of skill (an example of this is Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen. Neither had a chance to compete for a championship at that time, yet their hatred for each other created massive buildup for the bout). Implementing these rational promotion tactics originally done by Fox and Rickard made the UFC a four billion dollar company. Prizefighting was not the only sport that aided from rational …show more content…

In 1905, the following rules were implemented: teammates could not push or pull the ball carrier, seven men on offense had to be on the line of scrimmage, blockers could not interlock arms, first downs now required ten yards, and the forward pass was legalized. The implementation of the forward pass is the most significant; no longer was football based on brawn and running the ball up the middle, but was now truly about strategy. Later on equipment advancements and new styles of play resulted in a significant drop in deaths on the gridiron, remotely satisfying the criticism of football. If these deaths had been ignored and rule changes had not been implemented, the resulting criticism and social pressure would have been

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