Goliath Analysis

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Introduction The story of the young David slaying the giant Goliath contains within it many of life’s principles for living, which are necessary for one to yield success. In dissecting this story it is my aim to pull out and extract from it some insights for living that will steer one, and especially our young people toward success. Not necessarily the successes of the world but success as it relates to the aims of righteousness and the goals of Godliness. Where it is not defined in terms of how much money one has or how many titles one carries, or how big the car is one drives, or how much gold is around the neck, or how often one’s name is in headlines. But I’m talking about success in terms of an inner peace. Success in terms …show more content…

Your success is going to come through by responding to the opportunity when it knocks. I heard someone say that failure is missed opportunity. That’s why so many folk have not been successful. Because they did not seize the opportunity that was before them. They let 12 years of free education pass them by. They let teachers who have a world of knowledge to share remain unquestioned. They let parents who want the best for them remain un-approached. They let libraries overflowing with knowledge and books remain unvisited. And too often unsuccessful folk say, “I’m waiting on the opportunity to knock.” Well the opportunity is already knocking. What you need is desire. You’re waiting for an opportunity and what you really need is a desire to do more than what you have, and to get up from where you are. All you need is a desire to be more a person than what you already are and if you have the desire, I’m here to tell you that the opportunity is already there. When opportunity knocks, somebody said, you still got to get up and answer the door. You got to put fort some effort, and some energy to fulfill your dream, and reach your objectives and complete your goals. Young People as you live and you grow seek the opportunity and seize the opportunity. Because the fact of the matter is, that when it comes by, you don’t know how long it’s going to stay, and you don’t know when it’s coming back again. Take advantage of the opportunities in your life. There are so many people around this world that would love to be sitting where you are and have the opportunity that you have. The opportunity is here. All you have to do is take advantage of it. Don’t let it pass you by. Don’t wait until you get 35 and 40 and say, “I wish I had studied like my parent told

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