Randy Pausch Perseverance

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One of the newest fads in motivational expression is, “Do something with your life!” A more common one is, “Just do it!” (Nike) Most sayings like these imply that oneself is the sole factor that arbitrates whether someone achieves their dreams and that perseverance is what will take them there. Yes, there is some veracity in that philosophy, but there is more to it than just that. Some people get that more than others. In perusing Randy Pausch’s book, The Last Lecture, the reader can discern that Pausch was one that understood that very well. He knew there were people behind the curtain pulling the strings for him. He knew that no one could go it alone. That is one of the preeminent lessons that can be learned from studying his book. Help from others combined with perseverance is what makes dreams come true.
From the time Pausch was little he had a list of dreams like everybody does, and just like everyone …show more content…

The Last Lecture may have been his last reminder to us about dreams, and it may have been his last account of his childhood dreams, but it is not everyone's last. For some reading his book it may be a first, to finally see the flaw in motivational tactics these days. “Just do it,” (Nike). What does that even mean? Some interpret it as the call for people to work to achieve their dreams, but it's singular. Again, no assistance is implied. They say it's all up to perseverance. That is the issue that the motivational industry faces. It's not about “me”. No, you can not “do it yourself”. They forget about the people behind the curtain pulling the strings so they could get to the climax and achieve their dreams. So take this advice, do not forget. People can not do it alone. Some may say that that is a lie. They claim they have done it alone. But see, that is the magic of the stage of life. The curtains are there for a

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