Nike Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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“Just Do it”, just by looking at those three simple words most people can automatically picture the iconic multibillion-dollar company. Nike is one of the most popular brands in the athletic equipment industry. Their success can be credited to the mass advertisements that they produce that helps inform and persuade their targets audience to buy their products. Companies need to know the different tactics into how they can persuade their audiences. These include the use of several hidden rhetorical strategies that are stylishly exercised in these different advertisements. In several Nike commercials, the use of Ethos, Pathos, as well as a similar use of style all come into play in persuading the audience to purchase their products. Everyone who is interested in the world of sports knows …show more content…

Endorsements are legal contracts given to famous athletes from big companies that give the company the right to use the said athlete to promote their products in return for money. They must equip the company’s equipment while playing the sport, or star in visual advertisements. This has been a very successful business strategy and it has created several endorsements with several well-known athletes. One is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the most iconic figurehead for Nike. Ronaldo is known to be one of the best soccer players in the World. Soccer is a very popular sport internationally, so Nike is ahead of the game by having an endorsement with Ronaldo. The credibility built for the product from having a famous athlete use the product helps persuade the audience to buy the item. This rhetorical strategy is known as Ethos. Seeing the famous athletes out on the field or court and using the product helps show build the mentality to the audience that if I use the product, I can be great as well! The Nike ad called “The Switch” was aired before the Euro 2016 soccer tournament. The premise of the ad is

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